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2013年11月 | ARCHIVE-SELECT | 2014年01月





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This year is going to draw the curtains. Come to think of it, it wasn't my year, though I don't say the worst of my life.

I got a small licence as an interpretor, but no work has come to me from the organization. Some of my fellows got a job, which frustrated me all the more, to be honest. This ended up convincing me again how extremely poor my English is. Such a negative feeling was about to kill my drive to study English...

My family affair was very thorny... I put a lot more time into it. All I wish is things could change for a brighter future. Please set us free and let us fly.

Next January I'm supposed to translate documents into Japanese. Some expressions there seem to a bit hard for me to deal with. I might ask some help... In the meanwhile I'll study IR presentation in English, which will be released to the public after Q3 closing. I like this work very much.

My translation is still amateur. I want it to be at a professional level.

Last but not least, I'll become more and more health-concious. Being healthy physically and mentally as well brings you true hapiness. I want to bear this code in mind.

Thanks for reading this disorderly writing.
Wish you all a happy new year!

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I was allowed to listen to an IR telephone meeting in English. People on the other end of the phone were non-Japanese, so they arranged an interpreter.
The male interpreter did a great job marvelously, though I had a feeling that he was in a hurry, as if he was being rushed by something, and that he wanted to facilitate the meeting. He said more than what our staff said. I momentarily wondered if it was really necessary or not.

I was told “Interpret exactly what a doctor and a patient say”, when I was taking a medical course before. But this formula doesn’t seem to be very true for IR interpretation, maybe…

After the meeting, my staff said, “I’d prefer female interpreters, because they seem to concentrate more.” It is a bit hard for me to completely agree with his remark, though.

The interpreter mentioned, “Cost A, which occurred this year, will disappear next year”. Is this expression correct? “Cost A, which occurred this year, will not arise next year” would make sense to me, if I’m allowed to express my silly thought.

There is no doubt that on the whole he was excellent as interpreter. I wish I could interpret for others like he did.

| Translation, Work in English | 2013-12-14 | comments:2 | TOP↑





I want to watch "Dexter" best of all now. I'm waiting for the rental fee to go down. Its season 7 must be thrilling because Deb finally got the secret of Dexter. "Dexter" is a good material for me to know new words and expressions in English.

In addition to studying English that way, there are two things I want to do this month. One is to go to music concerts. The other is to attend a sweet-cooking class. Hopefully, I'll be able to make time for either of them at least.

I want to enjoy the last month of this year and put all bad memories behind me...

| English study | 2013-12-01 | comments:2 | TOP↑