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Checking a woman's translation

I had an opportunity to check a system manual a woman prepared in English. As she insisted her English ability was disastrous, I expected her translation into English would need correcting. Later, I found this idea was wrong. Though she made several grammatical mistakes, her English manual made sense to me, on the whole. Frankly speaking, I had difficulty understanding some sentences in the original Japanese manual, but her translation solved this problem, unexpectedly. Technically, all English words she knows are very simple and basic. I think she is excellent at making the best use of her limited English knowledge. I know she is a very bright woman. If she puts time into studying English seriously, I will see a day coming when I seek her assistance with English, let alone affordable knowledge she already acquired.

I realize again English is just a communication tool.
The thing is, how you can use this tool effectively and creatively.
I must learn a lot of things from books, TV, newspaper and so forth.
That is why I am reading “The tale of Genji” today. (chuckle)

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Ms. Yuko Obuchi

I have just read that she will be entering Mr. Aso’s new cabinet.
As a minister, she will be in charge of tackling the issue of declining birthrate. There is no doubt that this task is so crucial with a lot of problems piled up that nobody shouldn’t look down on it. She is in her middle 30’s, relatively young for a politician. But age does not matter if you want to get yourself together to achieve something important.
I hope she will do her best to work for Japan.

By the way, what has she done in her political life so far? Little do I know about her except that she is a daughter of Mr. Obuchi, late former PM.
“How has she been chosen” is my small question.

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I think I blew it…

A few days ago, I contacted a woman who is working overseas.
As I simply wanted to facilitate work here, I put necessary documents together in English for her reference and sent them to her in order to seek her input. While I was awaiting her reply, I expected she would be with me, no doubt. But her comment I got was against my idea, though she turned it down politely. I must confess how much disappointed I got. I shouldn’t have emailed her. I have figured it out that I bothered her.

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Hang in there!

A woman asked me to prepare financial data for a dry run. I have to get into it right away. I am considering how effectively I do this work with a concern look on my face, referring to the English materials she provided me beforehand. It will likely take me more time than usual, since it doesn’t seem to be very easy. The numbers she showed me are complicatedly related to one another. This riddle needs solving, racking my brains… I am about to shout it out, “Impossible for me to complete this task ”. Forget it.

Honestly speaking, I want to thank all people who trust me enough to ask me to assist them. And I will be paid for what I am about to start working on. (pay raise, please…)

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English words

America’s economic situation is in tatters.

As for the word “tatter”,
My dictionary says “a torn and hanging piece of cloth: shred”.

Then, repeat it five times.
America’s economic situation is in tatters.
America’s economic situation is in tatters.
America’s economic situation is in tatters.
America’s economic situation is in tatters.
America’s economic situation is in tatters.

Good job!
(This is like “Radio English Conversation” lesson.)

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Comsumption tax

Will the current comsumption tax be raised in near near future?
If so, when?
Oh, spare me!
I wonder if hiking the tax will actually work for our life.
With the prices of daily goods, such as bread, milk and oil rising, tax hike would be a torture for the Japanese ordinary citizens.
I realize, however, the goverenmnet must gather more money to prepare for further disbursement like pension, health insurance… The list goes on and on.
I am not rich, unfortunately.
Mr. next Prime Minister, please get all someone like me buy 100 % tax-deductible.

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Dear Ms Murasakishikibu

Dear Ms Murasakishikibu
I happened to find “The tale of Genji” translated by Ms Setouchi in a library.
Ten volumes constitute her work, as you know.
Needless to say, I jumped to borrow Vol. 1 there.
I was thinking I would buy them.
Probably it would cost me more than yen 7,000.
Honestly speaking, I do not want to spend so much money at this moment, ‘cause I updated my passport this month…
It was great to be aware that I can read Ms Setouchi’s Genji free of charge.(Smile)

Yours truly,

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Who is the man?

Currently, five politicians are competing for the LDP presidency.
The result will come on Sep 22.
Subsequently, the winner will be named as Prime Minister on Sep 24.
Wait a minute. Do not forget the Lower House election will be approaching.
The new LDP leader can’t avoid face-off with Mr. Ozawa, who is leading DJP.
It implies that we have six candidates for Prime Minister. One of them is supposed to guide a ship called Japan for sure.
Reviewing the policies those six politicians have provided, we must consider where Japan is heading for and what will happen to our future life.

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Dear Lady Murasaki,

“Inuki let my sparrow go.” is what you said to your grandmother.
You were just a little girl at that time, but Genji wanted you eagerly the moment your appearance caught him. He ended up stealing you from where you had lived. Since then, your new life with Genji has started, with tons of ups and downs.
He says you are his only one. Nevertheless, he has many other women who he wants to share love with. It is surely said that you are the lady Genji loves best, but I think you must want to lodge a lot more complaints with him. You have had the unique experience of marrying someone like Genji. I wonder if you really happy or unhappy.
Sincerely yours,

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Ask, seek, knock

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

This is in the book “Matthew”. I am not Christian. But I like this teaching very much. How selfish it sounds! It sounds like to me that God provides you whatever you want.

The other day I had a little conflict with a nice guy. A simple misunderstanding between us caused this trouble. I prayed that I would be able to straighten this out, like everybody else does. Now my anxiety about this matter has been wiped out.
That is why I will enjoy myself this consecutive three holidays.

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I had a chance to translate documents into English.
As it took a lot more time to complete it than I expected, I got tired a little bit.
Later, I discussed a few things about my translation with my client.
Thanks to her kind advice, I was able to make it more effective.
I have heard she successfully completed her job by using this translation, which pleased me very much, needless to say.
I guess I will be translating another Japanese data this month.
I hope I will do a good job again.

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The Dark Knight

I want to see this movie very much.
It is said that Heath Ledger’s performance, as Joker (enemy to Batman), mesmerizes you. A rumor is that he might win the Academy award next year.
He was dead young early this year, but what he left behind is so great that it will likely stay in the history of movies longer than forever.
My another interest related to Heath is “Brokeback Mountain” depicting gay cowboy love. This movie was highly acclaimed in the movie industry.

"Why so serious?" Catchy!

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“Atsuhime” is a TV drama I watch every Sunday night.

There was a scene which touched me deeply last night.
People surrounding Tenshoin (Atsuhime ) have started having doubts about her loyalty to the Tokugawa family, since Satsuma warriors want to put a word in the central government. (She is from Satsuma.)
She burns every memorabilia that reminds her of her hometown. She thinks it is the right thing to do, shedding tears.

Actress Miyazaki’s performance overwhelmed me so much that I was teary-eyed.
The drama Atsuhime has a lot of elements. It is no wonder that it has a good appeal to the audience.

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Dear Ms Murasakishikibu,

Dear Ms Murasakishikibu,

Let me say that I love your masterpiece, “The tale of Genji”.
But I am unable to read your old Japanese sentences, regrettably.
I finished reading “The tale of Genji’s women”, Volumes 1 to 5 in all, and “Fujitubo” by Ms Setouchi.
Currently, I am enjoying “Ms Setouchi’s interpretation on the tale of Genji”.
I will try to write about the characters showing up in this story.
Cheer me on.

Sincerely yours,

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Two women I want to thank

Thank you very much, Ms A and Ms B.

First, I happened to visit Ms A’s blog. Besides her main blog, she has three or four blogs.
What moved me most is her translation of English into Japanese. Something!

Second, I visited Ms B’s blog through Ms A’s blog. She keeps posting a message in English almost every day. How to build up her story strikes me as impressive.

And then I was in the mood for owing my blog.
Thanks Again!

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Mr. Aso vs. other candidates

More than five LDP members including Mr. Aso have officially announced their candidacies for the presidential election so far. What’s the hell going on? It is like a festival for the party.

Whoever is elected, remember you have biggest responsibility. Do what is hard. Serve the country sincerely. Do not turn your blind eyes to difficulties.

Privately, I think I like Mr. Aso, ‘cause he is colorful. As for Ms Koike, I want to appreciate her resolution to run as the first female candidate.
I am curious to know how many votes each of them can get.

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International Financing Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Finally, IFRS will be likely introduced in Japan by 2011. Now that this is used in many European countries and is becoming the world standards, Japan has to follow this movement, though we have our own standards. In addition, we have to remember that the US has expressed using IFRS.
In fact, Japan has been working on how it can fill the gaps between IFRS and the Japanese standards. However, the current situation requires Japan to comply with IFRS. This change will increase our work

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Today's English study

I spent much time applying for a passport in the morning.
'Cause my passport was expired a couple of years ago.
Well, I have to study English from now.
I will watch my favorite drama.
With the help of the script, I can enjoy the drama.
I took a day off from work, but it seems to me I am wasting time...(shame)

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I' ve just started my blog to blush up my English.
I try to write in English here as much as possible.

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